Surviving Your First Year As An Online College Learner
Surviving Your First Year As An Online College Learner

Surviving Your First Year As An Online College Learner

Over the years, online college has gained more and more popularity amongst the fewer generations. Although it seems incredibly appealing to many, there are a lot of downsides to it, especially for first-timers. Here’s the head up you need for surviving your first year as an online college learner:

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Be early

Your syllabus will be your best friend throughout the school year. It’s important to get a head start by jotting down deadlines and creating an attainable game plan to get good grades. Never slack off and put aside schoolwork or else you’ll regret it later.

Log in regularly

Just like the traditional classes, schedules may shift from time to time. Don’t be tempted to log in on days where you only have assignments. Make it a habit to check in daily just in case there’s a change in your professor’s plan. Set a daily alarm that’ll alert you to log in for the day.

Time devotion

Not having a specific time for our classes can be a lot of fun until you keep putting it aside for later. It’s important to set in your mind that a certain part of the day is for school only. It’ll help keep you on track and engaged in all of your classes.

Know your professor

Although you may never meet your online professor personally, it’s still best to make a good impression. Make sure to send an e-mail introducing yourself and how enthusiastic you are to take up their subject.

Ask for help

Your professors are always glad to help out. When you don’t understand a part of the lecture, send them a formal message asking for help. This will surely help you learn better and it will also make them remember your name as the interested student.

Connect with peers

You might think that online classes mean lesser connection but don’t forget that your classmates are still real people. Reach out from time to time and schedule group study dates and discuss lectures with them.

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